A Handbook for New Academic Administrators

by Roderic B. Park

Professor Park offers a groundbreaking tutorial on how young faculty
members can succeed in implementing visions for administrative
improvement in the university, an institution traditionally resistant
to change. Most recent Ph.D. recipients have never taken a course in
leadership, administration, or management, so to succeed as agents of
change they must learn new skills. Fortunately, faculty members are by
their very nature quick learners, and, given a few basic principles,
are likely to succeed. This unique volume uses actual administrative
case studies to cover the constituencies aspiring administrators will
encounter: faculty members, students, alumni, temporary faculty,
staff, and governing boards. While technology and economic
circumstances change often, the deepest beliefs, fears, and
fundamental behaviors of these university personnel remain much the
same today as they were one hundred years ago.

ISBN 9780982193389
224 pages

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