Steps For Women Who Want to Rediscover the Simple Pleasures of Living

by Mary B. Seger, NP, PhD

A life filled with joy is easier than you think! Dr. Mary Seger's Critically acclaimed book, invite joy into your life ~ steps for women who want to rediscover the simple pleasures of living teaches us that a joyous life is not something that happens naturally but must be actively pursued.

Dr. Seger gently guides the readers through the importance of and the methods to, realizing their inner joy.

Each chapter focuses on a new center of joy, whether it is being creative, defining what it is you love to do, or even puttering around the house. Dr. Seger outlines easy-to-follow exercises that help one focus on that center.

Dr. Seger discusses how to bring joy into your life, and also helps a reader identify the 'joy snatchers' that literally snatch the joy out of your life. By being able to identify those people, habits or things, a reader learns how to take charge of their life and how to correct or eliminate those patterns that hold us down.

Praise for invite joy into your life from acclaimed authors!

Invite joy into your life is a book that every woman, who wants to feel the fire of life again, might consider reading. It is a book that provides practical tools for personal transformation and rattles a reader's concept of reality. It nudges a woman's vision of her unrealized potential. Could have been titled: The Manual for Life. An inspiring piece of work that lingers in your consciousness long after you close its covers!

ISBN 9780979046100
246 pages

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