Their Documented Historical Relevance

by Dr. Adrian H. Krieg, CMfgE

We live in bizarre times, our government is incapacitated, and the Dems manage more congressional investigations on inconsequential non-issues than we can keep up with. Obamacare, Tax Reform, Corporate Tax Reduction, all of which would stimulate the economy and create more jobs, is not even on the congressional horizon.

Illegal immigration, legal immigration, controlling the Mexican border and refugees immigration that costs American Taxpayers scores of billion of dollars annually, are simply not being addressed by congress. We now have 34-million non-citizens resident in America. And we have 20 million households that speak other than English at home.

While all of this transpires social media, PayPal, Google, YouTube, Ingrams, Lightning Source, Amazon, are just some of the corporations that are actively censoring public immigration information. Our own printers Lightning Source cancelled our 17-year old contract on just four weeks notice, Ingrams our international distribution provider cut us off. Cultural Marxism is center stage; Political Correctness is the new normal. To these ends I have written a new book titled ?Invasions?

ISBN 9780990987376
240 pages

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