A practical guide to the ultimate meditation

by Shai Tubali

If your goal is self-realization through meditation, then Inner Fire is the perfect companion on your journey. Shai’s book utilizes the source of inner heat within us to bring to life our Kundalini energy and thus to burn away all our fears as well as other spiritual, emotional and mental blockages.

If followed faithfully, this is the highway to mystical enlightenment.

Shai Tubali relies on Buddhist scriptures, as well as recent interpretations by great Buddhist teachers dating back a century, in order to adapt this most powerful meditation system for the modern meditant and clear for the modern reader.

Shai’s expertise is in “translating” the wisdom of Buddhist knowledge, tantric teachings about Kundalini and subtle body and his own direct experience into a system accessible and intelligible to all.

The result is a comprehensive guide to the practice of the yoga of Inner Heat that was once considered to be a great secret, only passed down orally from one teacher to his or her direct disciple.

With his fresh, intimate light and humorous tone, Shai guides the reader through seven steps which he has developed out of his wish to make the technique easy and to facilitate the process of learning and assimilation.

Release Date: 4/15/2021

ISBN 9783982251714
176 pages

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