Adventures in Archeology

by Thom Tansey

Are you planning to pursue adventure travel? Do you wonder what it would be like to participate in explorations of ancient ruins? To learn from leading experts about the secrets of forgotten cultures? To touch the millennia-old creations of the first civilized people? Then you'll enjoy the journeys of veteran adventure traveler Thom Tansey in The Bone hunter Series.

The legends of ancient civilizations in the Americas have always enthralled Tansey. This book documents his travel adventure experiences as he seeks to uncover the secrets of people who once flourished in the Western hemisphere. Join Thom Tansey as he explores:

-Teotihuacan, the City of the Gods, the first true metropolis of the Americas, near modern-day Mexico City.
-The magnificent ruins left behind by the Maya of Tikai in Guatemala, once the epicenter of a vast trade route that stretched all through what is now Central America, from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico to the Caribbean Sea.
-The Hohokam, whose impressive network of hand-dug canals and ditches, the most extensive north of Peru, allowed them to thrive in the forbidding Sonoran Desert of modern-day Mexico and Arizona.
-The Mound Builders of the Lower Mississippi Valley, whose sophisticated civilizations eventually fell to the diseases and marauding of European invaders.

To help plan your travel adventures, Thom has provided a list of resources and contact information, plus an exhaustive bibliography of publications for further reading on the topics covered in this book.

ISBN 9781568250472
294 pages

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