Shifting Your Team To Abundance By Unleashing Creativity

by Jim Nevada

With Igniting Purpose-Driven Leadership, Jim Nevada explores the dynamic and ever-changing environment in which all organizations operate in our global economy, and how 21st Century leadership requires a new toolkit to thrive in a highly-fluid and rapidly-evolving world.

Nevada chronicles the economic eras that have changed the landscape of mankind and how our current era, what he refers to as the "Era of Human Capital", compels leaders to shift from a scarcity mentality toward human capital to one of abundance. He not only vividly explains why we need to make the shift to abundance, but also provides straightforward insights on how to make the shift in this new era.

Drawing on decades of executive experience in both large, publicly-traded and privately-held businesses, as well as through his coaching and consulting practice, Nevada reveals the secrets to why purpose-driven leaders have been so successful, and how they operate from a new perspective; one that is focused on the long-term needs of all stakeholders rather than the results-oriented myopia that grips so many leaders today.

Through a series of stories on some of the most enduring companies in history and a profile of various leadership disciplines, Nevada provides readers with clear and thorough approaches to increase the energy and engagement of employees through authentic leadership and to enhance the creativity levels throughout their respective organizations.

His findings reveal that today's mostsuccessful leaders operate under two guiding principles: the need to focus on your purpose and the need to unleash thecreative energy of your people.

Igniting Purpose-Driven Leadership will teach you how to:

? Make purpose the foundation of your leadership approach
? Remove the scarcity mentality that there aren't enough good people
? Replace it with an abundance mentality that focuses on everyone's potential genius
? Seek authenticity and creativity in your organization
? Focus on strengths and simplicity
? Build trust through empowerment and recognition

ISBN 9781947937260
303 pages

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