The escape of an Orthodox Jew from the bondage of religion and a match made in heaven.

by Lev Lewinson

This spectacular nonfiction account of events will leave the Orthodox Jewish community (along with the other two Abrahamic religions), our criminal divorce court system, and God himself torn to shreds. It is a fascinating page-turning tale of fatherhood, love, marriage, family, and religion that will leave you mesmerized. Braided throughout with humor and tears, this story is a must-read for anyone who is thinking about marriage, in a marriage, or post marriage. It's a book that every spouse, every mother, father, lawyer, citizen, and even God himself, needs to read. Your life will never be the same. This riveting expose of insular Jewish life penned by a Talmudical scholar, teacher, writer [and winner of the Kirkus Reviews Top 100 Best Books of 2017 award, using his pseudonym of William Tellem, to pen "When You Gotta Go!"], and publisher of children's books, who suddenly found himself maliciously prosecuted and the recipient of outrageous protection orders and criminal court trials upon filing for a simple divorce after being "happily" married for twenty-eight years will leave you breathless. It is a very personal, searing narrative of beautifully-woven bricolage events and encapsulating stories that include the diamond trade, the Holocaust, and quite a bit of world history, that will leave you emotionally spent. Or enlightened. Either way, this story is a life-changing event that will leave you entranced. In his extraordinary memoir, Zev Lewinson mercilessly digs into the truth of flawed authority, the historic roots of the Abrahamic beliefs, and the hidden complexity of marriage, to weave a heart-wrenching and transformative tale of love, compassion, and the beauty of life. And with revelations that will hold people from every corner of the globe breathlessly spellbound, his beautifully blunt and raw narrative leaves the corrupt core of the courts, politicians, and religious leaders, with nowhere to hide. I Meant to Divorce My Wife Not My Daughter is a gripping account of one father's underdog fight to preserve his relationship with his minor child. If you admire jaw-dropping honesty, laughter braided with tears, and glimpses of ultimate hope and eventual enlightenment achieved through devastating despair, then you'll love this book.

ISBN 9781940649108
575 pages

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