A Homeland Security Plan for Desperate Times

by Laverne Farmer

I AM NOT A Desperate Housewife dispels the myth of the past and present stereotypical housewife and provides Biblical wisdom, instruction and assignments for today s woman of God. The Homeland Security Plan for Desperate Times exposes deceit, the weapon of mass deception, which is specifically targeted toward women since the beginning, to destroy their confidence and the authority in the Word of God. Scriptures and personal exhortations named Recipes concludes this plan as the counter supernatural intelligence strategy for seek and destroy missions to establish and maintain the peace and posterity Christ has provided for the Christian home. This book s unique approach targets 7 common deceptions that confront women of all ages, races, careers and marital status and provides a strategy for applying the Word of God, prayer and faith daily to identify, prevent and destroy the spiritual warfare that is waged within our emotions. Women are encouraged and affirmed that they no longer have to succumb to being overly emotional , and that through the Word of God, we can be wise and emotionally intelligent.

ISBN 978424323234
207 pages

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