by Michelle Leclaire O'Neill Ph.D., R.N.

The only complete Holistic Program from Conception through Pregnancy ,Birth and Beyond... -- Here you will learn to balance your body and mind to create the perfect environment for you to conceive your healthy baby. With many practical/ scientifically proven tips on how to learn the powerful techniques for creating a fertile atmosphere in your body, life and relationships, this Program[ Book and Fertility From Within Meditation DVD is an indispensable Guide for your Fertility process.--- You will also have the opportunity to learn the latest Mind/Body Program to create better Health, greater Intelligence, Self -Realization and actualization for you, your partner and your Baby. --- This Book and DVD offer you the help ,support, and step by step guidance that you need at this time in your life. "The program Works if You Work It" This is the Guiding Mind/Body program for Success Naturally and/or to Enhance your Fertility treatments.--- After reading this book and! listening to the enclosed CD you will Truly be able to manage your Fertility and your Life in a calm, productive easy , successful manner.

ISBN 9780963308771
142 pages

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