A step-by-step guide to Discovering your passion, Defining your purpose, Debuting your program

by Lisa J. Copen

Does one of these describe you?

?"I'm thinking about starting a small group for people in my church who have a chronic illness but I don't really know where to start . . ."
?"I feel like God wants me to start a small group to encourage people with illness. How do I commit to it with my illness constantly changing?"
?"I've led a support group for people with illness in my community, but my pastor has asked me to consider something at my church. I'm a little bit scared of not having all the answers when it comes to my faith and my disease."
?"I was sure God wanted me to start an illness small group in my church. But when I presented it to the pastoral team they didn't seem enthusiastic, and they told me to come back after my illness was better. I got the feeling they wanted me to be healed first. So. . . what now?

Drawing from more than a decade's worth of feedback from hundreds of Christian small groups for those with chronic illness, author Lisa Copen will guide you through your concerns, worries, and questions and help you put your passion into action.

You will discover:

?What a chronic illness is and does it matter if it's invisible
?A brief history of illness ministry in the medical community
?Benefits of small group ministry for the individual & the church
?How to lead when you are ill
?Steps to formulate the purpose of your small group, the logistics, guidelines, & your vision
?Preparing your presentation to church leadership
?Planning your first meeting
?Promotion & attendance tips
?Maintaining a positive group when things get difficult
?How to answer tough questions about healing & suffering
?A special chapter on ways a church can make a significant difference in the lives of the chronically ill

? Bonus checklist to follow along while you plan!

ISBN 9780971660083
320 pages

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