Also - How to Choose Your Contractor

by Alfred Edwards

To become a leader of home improvement services by educating and empowering the homeowner about all aspects of various home improvement projects. We assist the homeowner with

understanding the process of planning and carrying out installation,

selecting proper materials,

choosing reliable contractors who conduct business with integrity, and

effectively applying long term care to a newly constructed project.

We do all of this by compiling over 30 years of professional experience and knowledge into several forms of media by means of which the homeowner can access what we know and want to share. The homeowner will be able to take charge of his or her home improvement project and ultimately save time, frustration, and money. In this way, our mission focuses on our readers and viewers—the homeowner.

Being a contractor I have made mistakes over the years. But I have also learned a lot by listening to my customers, doing the necessary research, going to seminars, and by trial and error. In the process I have created this book of professional guidelines for you to follow. We need to learn more about contractors and get to know what they know. Driveway repair or replacement is a very expensive project for the homeowner and if done correctly, will beautify your property considerably. The first thing you see is the driveway to a home. And if you plan on selling. What you'll find in "How to $ave on Home Driveway Installation or Repair" will open your eyes to controlling cost, how various materials are used, selecting the right materials, applying your materials, and most of all to understand your contractor. With this guide you will be able to choose contractors, supervise installment, and introduce yourself to do-it-yourself maintenance and repairs.
So sit back and enjoy the ride on your new driveway, your new “PROPERLY INSTALLED” driveway. When you have finished, Think about the small investment now, knowledge gained, money properly invested, and the money you will save for years to come.

ISBN 9781882253005
125 pages

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