Why Other Diets Suck and You're Not Losing Weight

by Dr. J. DeValentino

Have you ever wondered why diets fail? Droves of unsuccessful dieters wonder why.

1 in 3 or 97 million Americans are not only overweight, but have health related issues initiated and exacerbated by daily dietary decisions. Americans are not alone in their struggle to lose weight; obesity plagues over a billion people worldwide.

There are tons of diet books. Why another one? Well, the current fads and gimmicks are obviously not working. Dietary research studies report that over 95% of dieters are unsuccessful at losing weight.

How to Lose Weight in the Real World: Why Other Diets Suck & You?re Not Losing Weight fills the dietary knowledge void to help dieters understand how food and lifestyle affect their attempts to lose weight. In addition, HLWRW analyzes the most common diets and why they don?t help dieters achieve success, and showcases the latest dietary research to help ensure weight loss and improved health.

The author, Dr. Jessica deValentino, earned her doctorate from the University of Houston in historical, social, and cultural foundations. In addition to How to Lose Weight in the Real World Dr. deValentino has also written Brainiac, a children?s book, and two screenplays Bad Apples and Asking for Payne. Dr. deValentino is currently working on her next book to be published in 2011.

ISBN 9780982894606
280 pages

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