by L.E. Coleman

Jennifer Brost felt she'd been beaten physically, emotionally and spiritually to within an inch of her existence. While in her early 20s, Jennifer's mother-in-law and mother died 1 year apart. One & a half years later, her father was killed in a car accident. On this same morning, Jennifer went into cardiac arrest due to complications of a routine surgery; the child she was pregnant with died on this day as well.

Though the deaths of her mother-in-law and mother, were painful for her, Jennifer did not walk away from her faith until after the deaths of her father and son. Physically ill and unable to cope with these losses, Jennifer began to hate God and begged her husband to quit his seminary training.

Then one night she opened her heart to the Lord in prayer, "Lord, I've heard everyone else's explanation for my sufferings. I've come up with a few theories of my own. Please help me understand my pain." Through study and prayer, Jennifer found that God's relationship to her suffering could not be confined to her three beliefs. She also rediscovered the overwhelming goodness of God.

ISBN 9780979064494
173 pages

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