Nonfiction Short Stories

by Jerome Mark Antil

The stories are consistently engaging and entertaining. The two longer ones, Remembering the Echoes, (of two best friends dream of starting a bakery) and Return to Tiffany's (a beautiful seniors love affair) are ambitious tales, and both are quite heartening and heartwarming. It is a pleasure to read them during these days of doom and gloom.

"The hilarious "Richard Leaves the Choir Breathless" spotlights 5-year-old Jerry's older brother, Dick, who's in trouble so often at Roman Catholic school he's mastered the art of sleeping while standing in the corner." ~ KIRKUS REVIEWS

"I found the love story to be totally delightful and touching." ~ ALEX TREBECK

"Postwar Shortages and Shortfalls is likewise amusing when a holiday gift for the children's mother leads to a mishap at a bank that may traumatize the family with embarrassment." ~ KIRKUS REVIEWS

"The Return to Tiffany's is touching, funny, endearing. Truman Capote's Breakfast at Tiffany's was a romantic fantasy but this story actually has as much or more depth, drama and substance to it, not least because it's actually true." ~TOM HYMAN, Best Selling Author and writer for LIFE Magazine.

With the four true short stories, Jerome Mark Antil offers delightful and often emotionally compelling scenes from his interesting life. From his parents' beginnings and accomplishments in the early 20th Century to his childhood in 1940s and his later writing career, Antil shares his genuine enjoyment of a life well livedナwhich stemmed from two of the most phenomenal parents to set the stage of what life can be if you reach for the stars.

Official Release Date: 7/4/2021

ISBN 9781735307640
148 pages

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