by Kathryn Barber

Whether or not you made it to Woodstock... You are cordially invited to Join six psychedelic sisters on the journey of a lifetime! When six childhood friends reunite after decades apart, they learn things about themselves and each other that none of them could have predicted. Entertaining, thought-provoking and soundly researched, the story amuses and enlightens in unexpected ways. The first part of the Hippie Chick Trilogy, Hippie Chick REUNION will be followed by HEAVEN and FOREVER. Thirty years after trading her peasant blouse for Pucci, coach and author Kaye Bono-Stoddart has a strong feeling she is meant to reconnect with her former high school clique but she's not sure why. What could the six of them have in common after decades apart? More importantly, how did such an unlikely bonding happen in first place? Confident that six grown women could do no damage in a weekend at the Jersey shore, Kaye plans a nostalgic trip back to the old days, complete with everything they'd need to "keep it real" and more... When Kaye's 60's experience stirs up vivid memories of bold, impassioned ideals, the women begin to wonder if the paths that they have chosen are leading them astray. As the story moves towards its conclusion, each is offered a glimpse of a richer, more authentic life. But will they have the courage to live it?

ISBN 9781427620200
301 pages

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