by Jenna Forrest

Help Is On Its Way offers a genuine reminder that hope perseveres in the face of even the most daunting circumstances. Edited by Emmy Award winner Molly McKitterick, Help Is On Its Way is author Jenna Forrest's contribution to the trend in mainstream books, television shows and films featuring extra perceptive, intuitive characters.

Are you someone who is deep thinking and sensitive, who has tried to fix your family and save the world while there is someone even more important to rescue -you? Help Is On Its Way is a novel-like memoir which poetically describes Jenna's innocent yet suspenseful struggle to get instructions on life. Written for any child, teen or adult who's fought to rise up from under the stress of heightened sensitivity in a chaotic environment, Help Is On Its Way offers validation and relief to teens and adult readers alike. Even for less sensitive individuals, this true story honestly portrays the childhood battle many of us fight to stay motivated and live our best life in spite of a degenerating family situation.

What kind of help is on its way? Search the pages for subtle clues that unfold all the way to the startling end.

ISBN 9780979229817
265 pages

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