The Pompey Hollow Book Club Series

by Jerome Mark Antil

Jim Crow is discovered by Jerry during a trip into the south in 1953. Not only does he see the light and become more aware of life around him, he experiences one of the most important missions he would likely ever be faced with in his lifetime. WWII veteran pilots come to the rescue for a helpless young girl in Arkansas. The message in this historic novel should stand alone, and it will stand the tests of time as it is inspired by what actually happened to Jerry's heart while visiting Little Rock as a youth, and how it affected his heart as an author. For Tall Jerry the lad and Jerome Mark, the author, this Thanksgiving week's life experience, was chilling and heartwarming...and the adventure it spawned that went on through Christmas will never be forgotten.

Due 11/28/19 Taking Pre-Orders

ISBN 9781732632196
197 pages

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