Discovering the Connection Between You and Your Best Friend

by Nicole Gabriel

You Want What?s Best for Your Best Friend?

But you?re tired of getting conflicting answers, or being told to do what your gut tells you isn?t right. Nicole Gabriel knows what it?s like to deal with dilemmas about your dog?s health and well-being. She learned the hard way that not everything designed for dogs is good for them when she lost her dog after a vaccination. Since then, she has been on a journey to explore methods to keep her furry friends healthy from experimenting with ways to soothe allergies to developing vegan dog treats. Now Nicole shares her knowledge about how to provide the best for our furry friends. In Healing Your Dog Naturally, you will learn to:

?Ditch the dry dog food in exchange for a nutritious diet

?Explore and test the power of herbal medicine to cure your dog?s allergies

?Experiment with homeopathy and essential oils

?Educate yourself about vaccinations and which ones your dog really needs

?Determine whether spaying or neutering is the best choice for your best friend

?Balance your dog?s energy, including his or her chakras, to improve well-being

?Prepare to say goodbye to your pet and cope with your grief

Healing Your Dog Naturally will take you on a journey you may never have considered. It will make your pup happier and healthier, and when your best friend is happy, you?ll be happy too.

ISBN 9781943164820
350 pages

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