by Larry Olsen

Get a Vision and Live It is a concise and effective guide to tapping personal power and overcoming personal barriers. Visit any bookstore and you will
find a vast array of self-help, self-improvement, and self-discovery books. There are dozens of authors, life coaches, and gurus ready to promote their "quick fi x" for your life. Their methods vary but the message is fundamentally the same. "Work this program, as described in this book, and be successful." Few, if any of them, have the kind of impact one is looking for. The concepts are too syrupy, the claims too over-inflated, the language too preachy. Larry Olsen recognizes that the ability to succeed lies within everyone. Get a Vision and Live It taps into that ability through a few, very simple methods which use individual resources that already exist. Through this incredibly user-friendly and adaptable guide, Larry Olsen will uncover
what works for you. In Get a Vision and Live It, Larry Olsen speaks directly to the reader. His is the voice of a person who defines success in
human terms, from a "been there, done that," perspective.

LARRY R. OLSEN is an advisor and performance consultant to Fortune 500 executives, investing the last 30 years researching, adapting, and teaching developments in the field of performance- driven neurology. His inspiring and visionary work in human success and achievement is rooted in his own life story. Larry is an international speaker, award winning educator, and founder of Aperneo, a success consultancy for the 21st century. His vision, expertise, and leadership have guided thousands of people and organizations to achieve the life of their dreams. Larry Olsen lives with his family in Phoenix, Arizona.

ISBN 9781890427658
222 pages

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