by C. B. Don

FROM SCIENCE FICTION TO SCIENCE FACTS is the non-fiction companion study guide to the fantastic science-fiction novel, Accused By Facet-Eyes. It is a unique teaching/learning approach, which pairs literary entertainment with fascinating life science facts. Academic enrichment for nature-loving readers, middle-, high-school and college students. Intended for mainstream, supplementary and home schooling education. Readers will learn why honeybees are endangered worldwide; their pivotal role in pollination and will better appreciate the essential, mutual interdependence with humankind. Eye-opening life science facts point out important interactions of biology, chemistry and physics with contemporary issues in ecology and human-induced environmental hazards from a global, social perspective. From Science Fiction To Science Facts is a great time-saver for busy educators. Over 400 easily accessed references support the science facts; an overview of the science topics shows their relevance to the National Science Education Standards categories; the analytical format and discussion questions encourage critical thought and debates; C. B. Don's original, captivating photographs bring foraging honeybees on garden flowers to life!

136 pages

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