A Spiritual Journey and Guide to Healing from Lyme Disease

by Caroline L. DeLoreto

From Lyme to Lightis my spiritual and physical healing journey with neurological Lyme disease. Starting with a tick bite that led to dementia, followed by a stroke, and then a Near Death Experience (NDE). I learned how to overcome the confusion and challenges involved with a mysterious illness to find hope and wellness! This book tells my story and shares the Diamond of Healing Philosophy I created to help guide and empower you to find your own healing on your journey to wellness. We are all energy and to heal we must address all aspects of what makes us who we are: the physical body, the mental & emotional body, the social body, and the spirit body. These all come together to make the energy body, which is explained in the Diamond. This book helps you identify potential blocks in your healing and offers some easy to do, affordable and practical tools to support you on your healing journey. My goal is to empower you and to catalyze your innate ability to heal and maintain wellness far into the future—finding your light from Lyme!

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“This book is a beautiful road map offering a wealth of information for healing from Lyme, or any chronic health issue. As Caroline shares her healing journey from Lyme to good health and specific strategies to boost one’s health from the perspective of an integrated approach involving mind, body, emotional, and spiritual aspects for healing, she offers a multitude of practical strategies for anyone to feel guided on their own healing path. The book is inspiring, inclusive and comprehensive, with a wealth of tried-and-true strategies. She offers techniques for healing that she has learned through her journey working with a team of specialists knowledgeable in healing techniques for Lyme offering insights and suggestions in an expanded, thoughtful, bigger picture type way reflecting all of her study of Soul and intuition along with mental- physical- emotional body. The book is a gold mine of healing information. It offers support, inspiration, and hope for all travelers on their hero’s journey from illness to Truly Radiant Health.” -Shelley Greenbaum, MA, CCC, COM, RMT

ISBN 9781737813705
352 pages

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