by Greg Campbell (Floral Designer) (Author), Erick New (Floral Designer) (Author), Christian Owen (Writer/Editor) (Author), Sarah Bell of SÚlavie Photography

Garden District co-owners Greg Campbell and Erick New have grown a business of floral abundance and artistry one relationship at a time. A partnership of boundless creativity with an anything-can-be-done attitude, Greg and Erick never let reality get in the way of a great idea. On task they seem invincible, dream big, and realize their vision with exactness, always striving to surpass expectations. Be it a skyscraping installation or an unobtrusive centerpiece, they weave flowers and greenery into textural structures that bring people together for every imaginable occasion. In their competent hands, choice blooms become reassuring stewards of life s grand milestones and simple pleasures. From plant breeders and flower farmers, to importers and exporters, to markets worldwide, Greg and Erick have navigated a vibrant labyrinth of activity together for 25 years. The curation of products in their Memphis showroom represents Garden District s connection to floriculture across the U.S. and abroad. In turn, Florists to the Field is Greg and Erick s tribute to the fellowship they share with specialty farmers and colleagues in the floral industry. Florists to the Field is one of this floral design team s most ambitious endeavors to date and a worthwhile testimony to their work avant-garde resourcefulness that employs flowers to complement settings, mirror emotions, and enrich lives. Join Greg and Erick on their Florists to the Field excursion. From the Deep South to the West Coast, through the Midwest and across the ocean to Holland, these are the places where they find inspiration. Production Team: Floral Design: Greg Campbell & Erick New - Garden District / Written by: Christian Owen / Forward: Chef Elizabeth Heiskell / Photography by: Sarah Bell - SÚlavie Photography / Stylist: Greg Baudoin - Greg Baudoin Interior Design / Published by: Southerly Media / Book Design: Robertson Design / Printed in the USA: Four Colour Print Group

ISBN 9780692996232
192 pages

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