A Novel

by Deena Metzger

This novel, based on a true story, is one woman?s journey out of the strictures of cultural mores and societal values of what is sane, judicious, and appropriate and into the world of the primal intelligences that churn within all of us. A girl is found in a tree, alone, seemingly frightened and unwilling to communicate with anyone. And yet she displays a certain intelligence that beckons to the woman, intrigues her with its innate and often hidden language. The woman finds herself drawn into a world of beauty and fear, intensity and passion, that eventually brings her to a new awareness of what is missing in the left-brain intelligence that so dominates our assumptions of reality. This brilliant work will bring you to the edge of what you know to be true, challenging the very tenets of your existence and opening the door to what is missing in all our lives: the awakened animal consciousness whose wild intelligence renews our passion for life, for nature, and completes our sensibilities so that we can live as equals in the web of all life as human animals, alive to the very core of our being.

ISBN 9780972071857
184 pages

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