Another Way to Inherit the Earth

by Kartar Diamond

The Feng Shui Matrix: Another Way to Inherit the Earth gives out meditation techniques to help the average person actually see the chi (energy) which we normally are not aware of. Readers learn how to properly draw a floor plan and take a careful compass reading. This is crucial in order to implement all the remedies.
The book is focused on dispensing ways to help readers make money and enhance relationships. In the chapters I Spend, Therefore I Am and What's Love Got to Do With It?, Diamond shows how bad feng shui can sabotage our ability to save money or maintain relationships.

The most remarkable chapters contain insight into the 72 different house types that exist throughout perpetuity as well as guidelines for using the best spaces in newer constructions.

Diamond draws from her formidable experience and remains true to her preference for using practical and inconspicuous solutions. There is no mention of using superstitious Chinese placebos so commonly promoted in other books

ISBN 9780967193796
176 pages

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