by Terry Adams

The true story of serial killer James Wood. James Wood looked quite ordinary. A master at appearing normal, he wouldn't be noticed in a crowd. In the fall of 1992, when the friendly community of Poeatello, Idaho, opened its arms to Wood, little did residents realize the soft-spoken stranger in town was a serial killer

The truth came to light only after the abduction and murder of Jeralee Underwood, the eleven-year-old daughter of a devout Mormon family. The entire region was shocked and outraged.

Now the authors take you behind the headlines, into the heart of the Idaho investigation. Why had Wood gotten away with other murders for two decades? What made him so unlike other sexual psychopaths?

After years of research, the authors skillfully re-create a story of how and why Wood killed, how a community coped with tragedy, and how law enforcement captured James Wood - one of the nation's most unusual serial killers.

ISBN 9781886039322
300 pages

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