by Garry A. Flint, Ph.D.

Dr. Garry Flint is an experienced clinician who has integrated a broad spectrum of processes from the emerging discipline of energy medicine.

"Dr. Garry Flint has written a clear description of the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) developed by Gary Craig and Adrienne Fowlie. This book can be valuable as a self-help tool or an adjunct in therapy. The illustrations help explain EFT in simple terms and offer many examples. Emotional Freedom encourages experimentation and persistence as you face specific aspects of troublesome issues. Therapists and others seeking to learn The Method will find this thorough book a boon for their work or their recovery."
- David V. Baldwin, Ph.D., Author/Editor of the award-winning Trauma Information Pages web site.

ISBN 9780968519516
101 pages

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