Healing Your Past, Regaining Your Power, Following Your Soul

by Ayako Kondo

Jane Bertram has everything she could ask for. A loving partner. Friends. A beautiful home. Security.

Then, time takes them away.

Having worked so hard and lost so much, can an ailing Jane once again overcome old demons? Or will she succumb to long-buried shadows and ghosts?

With time running out, will she remember how to spin straw into gold?

The First and Last Lesson is the fourth novel of a four-book series that began with Blackbird and includes My Motherís Daughter and The Perfect Mother. The quartet explores the taboos, history, and texture of womenís struggles during a profoundly transformative period of the twentieth century.

AYAKO KONDO is an author, professional keynote speaker, life coach, and ambassador for divine feminine principles. Born and raised in Japan, Ayako has lived in China, Taiwan, California, and Hawaii. She has participated in various spiritual practices, including Zen, Vipassana meditation, and reiki healing. She is trained in clairvoyant energy work, certified in plant-based nutrition, and has run her own organic farm and plant-based food company. Now back in Japan, Ayako lives by following her dream and passion to empower women and to spread love to the world.

ISBN 9781636183107
236 pages

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