A Story fro the Award-Winning Sparkle series

by Ayn Cates Sullivan
Illustrations by Belle Crow DuCray

A young girl tries to hide something strange about herself from friends and family. When she becomes curious a light shines out of her forehead. Ella goes on a quest to find out why this happens to her, only to discover it is a true gift.

Testimonials: ?This book is for every magical child who ever felt different or misunderstood.? - Susan Lange, OMD, L.Ac.

?I love the message for each of us to let our own special light shine through in life.? Tori Spelling, actress

?An enlightened way to teach all children of the world love, respect, and health.? - Raquel Marcela Benson, author

?A guide in how to respectfully and lovingly treat others.? - Ciara Bravo, actress

ISBN 9781947925038

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