Solve Your Problems and Take the Road to Love, Happiness, Wealth and the Life of your Dreams

by Mabel Katz

Available in Spanish or English

We are conditioned by the past. We are controlled by our memories, and we have become terribly addicted to suffering. The premise of this book is to start to wake us up. It might be necessary to read the messages that this book offers several times, since we need to change our already established internal programs in order to once again become ourselves, and in that way be able to set ourselves free.

It is time. In this lifetime we have the possibility to find ourselves, claim ourselves, and discover our true identities.

We have been lost for too long. Haven't we had enough? Haven't we suffered enough? Until when are we going to continue using these disguises? Enough of feeling that we are victims. Enough of feeling that we depend on other people and external events to be happy. We can stop thinking and seeing ourselves as defenseless creatures.

Let's take control, let's decide to change our lives Now! Let's stop using our intellects so much and let's open our hearts. It is up to us.

Inside ourselves we have everything that we need to create the life that we deserve. Let's connect with that power we have inside.

The proverb says, "The past is history, the future is a mystery, and this moment is a gift. That's why we call it the present."

I wonder if this time you will accept it?

ISBN 9780982591031
180 pages

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