by Ayn Cates Sullivan
Illustrations by Paige Ozma Ashmore

“Eala, Mother Swan / La Madre Cisne by Ayn Cates Sullivan is a 32- page-long children’s illustrated book, beautifully crafted in detailed pastel colors. It is a fairy tale written in both English and Spanish simultaneously. A young boy named Hugo goes in search of the Eala, the magical swan his grandmother has told him about. He finds her just as she is preparing to fly between the worlds. Circling back down, Hugo climbs on her back and she takes him between the crack of night and day so he can find the songs and colors of his heart and soul. But the story goes deeper, for we come to understand the child has suffered wounds for ever so long. By taking this ride can he allow his soul to be restored, and learn the importance of being childlike again?

ISBN 9781947925403
32 pages

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