by Hawelka Publishing

Our laminated medical cards provide the most important information on specific topics in a clear and concise manner. These practical, sturdy, easy-to-read reference cards are a must for the medical professional or interested lay person. The 6.1" X 3.7" full color standard ECG Ruler includes frequency scales (1x RR 50mm/s, 2x RR 25mm/s - 2x RR 50mm/s, 3x RR 25mm/s - 3x RR 50mm/s); amplitude; PQ, QRS-QT, t(s) scale for 25mm/s + 50mm/s; mm scale from 0 - 50; position circle and tables with cycle duration HF (1/min.) / rel. QT-duration (s) and HF / PQ(s) / QT(s). Size: 6.07" X 3.70"

ISBN 9783939378020

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