10 Proven Strategies to Excel, Expand, And Elevate Your Career and Life

by Alicia D. Reece

Could you imagine…

Waking up every morning feeling energized, empowered and fulfilled within your career and
personal life?

Finding yourself doing purposeful work inside of an inclusive environment where you are seen,
heard, and valued?

Knowing exactly how to drive your career forward, while creating incredible value for your

Having the right strategies, tools, resources, and relationships to confidently achieve all your
personal and professional goals?

If these things sound like faraway dreams instead of achievable realities, then Driven to Thrive
by Alicia D. Reece should be your next read.

As a global executive coach and corporate consultant for some of the most talented leaders and respected
Fortune 500 organizations, Alicia’s groundbreaking book reveals ten proven strategies to excel, expand,
and elevate your career and life.
She draws upon over twenty years of experience as an HR leader, executive coach, business
consultant and advocate for corporate professionals.

Having partnered with organizations like: Cisco, Gilead Sciences, Salesforce, NCR, Warner Brothers,
FedEx, and more, Alicia shares the number one, game-changing secret to personal and professional
success: emotional intelligence.

In the pages of Driven to Thrive, you’ll not only receive the ten proven strategies to excel, expand
and elevate your professional and personal life, you’ll also learn how to:

Harness your power
Supercharge your career
Communicate with confidence
Level up your leadership
Win the game of organizational politics
Navigate career crossroads
Flourish in transitions
Position yourself to prosper
...and much more.

Whether you’re reassessing your career path, transitioning into a new role that requires you to
deepen your leadership capacity, or desiring to positively impact your organization as a leader, let Driven to Thrive serve as your go-to GPS for success.

ISBN 9781636180564
304 pages

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