Challenging Our Nation's Fization with Food and Weight

by Stacey M. Rosenfeld, PhD

Do You Have an Unhealthy Relationship with Food or Your Body?

Does every woman have an eating disorder? It's a bold question but one that must be asked. Why is it that today's women--successful students, career women, wives, and mothers--are struggling more than ever with food and weight? Even those who don't suffer from a clinical eating disorder seem to have some sort of issue around food and weight.

We live in a culture of culinary abundance but are taught to do whatever it takes to shrink our flesh. From an early age, women are bombarded with messages regarding what size and shape they should be, a campaign that takes a toll on their relationship with food, their self-esteem, and their health.

It's hard to go a day without seeing an advertisement for a new diet product, overhearing a conversation about weight between colleagues or a plan of attack between friends as they brace themselves for dining out, or reading a headline about our nation's obesity crisis.

In Does Every Woman Have an Eating Disorder?, you will

-discover why your dieting attempts always end in failure

-learn how to think critically about media, advertising, and everyday conversations we have about food and weight

-gain information about the relationship between health and weight

-find tips for developing a healthy relationship with exercise

Most important, you'll learn to stop obsessing about food and weight and discover how to eat in peace.

ISBN 9780989851831
216 pages

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