12 Secrets to Navigating Uncharted Seas

by Joy Peterson, M.A.

Finally An Owner's Manual That Comes With "I Do"

Joy Peterson's passion and purpose for this book is the summation of her lifetime work with couples and families.

The author describes a Dynamic Marriage as the Navigation Chart or GPS you didn't get when you said "I Do!"

Every relationship has an underlying "contract," conscious or unconscious. Couples allow it to be drafted by default precedents set on a foundation of unexplained beliefs, behaviors, expectations and assumptions.

Discovering a Dynamic Marriage is a voyage across uncharted and unpredictable seas of marriage. Couples draft an agreement intentionally addressing their needs and based on a thorough knowledge of who they are and what matters to them as individuals and a couple.

Also an effective tool for therapists, churches and helping institutions to empower couples in transforming relationships using this innovative approach.

ISBN 9781935586982
360 pages

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