by Stan Rushworth

In his latest work, author, teacher and Vietnam-era veteran Stan Rushworth has written a memoir that is a collection of stories, reflections and prayers, and a “survival manual, a way to remember that serves the heart.” Using the experiences of his life as a springboard for illustrating the effects of genocide, war, colonization, and traumatic stress disorder, Rushworth brings to our eyes the deep suffering (and resilience) of generations of Native people, and the mindset that decimated 90% of the Native population in California alone in the first 25 years of White “settlers”. With brilliant storytelling that is full of heart and wisdom, Rushworth, of Native and European heritage, brings us toward a spiritual awareness that is at once a story of grief and suffering as well as a path toward redemption, as we face the truth of war, genocide, climate destruction, and the continuing colonial mindset, and find in our hearts a right relationship to the Earth and each other.

ISBN 9780998344331
210 pages

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