10 Innovative Strategies to Help You Achieve Financial Success and Solvency in a Down Economy

by William L. Seavey

Announcing the imminent publication of a major new financial book, CRISIS INVESTING AND ENTREPRENEURING (How YOU Can Profit DESPITE the Great Recession of 2007-2010), the only comprehensive source of information in print on intelligently and cogently dealing with the economic downturn.

* Taking calculated risks in the stock market
* Starting a savvy home-based business
* Investing in hard money
* Letting the banks pay you
* Finding collectibles cash in your attic
* Buying distressed real estate at bargain prices
* Eliminating mortgage debt quickly
* Moving to a low cost small town
* Having rentals for predictable profits
* Investing in socially responsible funds

ISBN 9780615204444
125 pages

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