Saving Him Might Just Kill Her

by Lorie Yauney

Enduring horrific abuse and neglect since birth, Corbin finally strikes back against his treacherous mother and the one man who treated Corbin with kindness only to later betray him. Surrendering to his animalistic urges, Corbin embarks on a trophy-gathering journey across the country where he encounters his estranged father, a prominent and wealthy Montana rancher, who struggles with his own dark past and cravings.

Landing a job in Atlanta, Corbin meets the beautiful and intriguing Peyton Alexander. He is immediately interested in her, but struggles between his desire for love and his inherent obsession. As their relationship develops, they are thrown into a new world of conflicts, deceit, and manipulation.

Determined to learn the truth, Corbin soon discovers hes not the only one hiding shameful secrets.

ISBN 9781950241217
350 pages

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