by T.E. Clontz(Editor)
Illustrations by J. Clontz(Editor)

The Comprehensive New Testament only requires a sixth grade reading level and is the most accurate translation of the Nestle-Aland 27th edition Greek New Testament ever produced. The Nestle-Aland 27th edition is overwhelmingly trusted by Catholic and Protestant churches to represent the oldest surviving Greek manuscripts.

The Comprehensive New Testament has complete textual variant mapping for 20 English versions:

American Standard Version 1901
Douay-Rheims American Edition 1899 translation of the Vulgate English Standard Version 2001, 2007
Holman Christian Standard Bible 1999
David Stern s Jewish New Testament 1998
King James Version 1611, 1769 Blayney revision
Murdock s translation of the Peshitta 1851
New American Bible, revised 1991
New American Standard Bible 1960
New American Standard Bible, 1995 revision
New English Translation 2004
New International Version 1984
New Jerusalem Bible 1985
New King James Version 1982
New Living Translation, 2nd Edition 2004
New Revised Standard Version 1989
Revised English Bible 1989
Revised Standard Version, 2nd Edition 1971
Today s English Version (Good News Bible) 1966
The Living Bible (paraphrase) 1971

Over 15,000 variations in ancient manuscripts are translated in the footnotes. Uncertain readings are clearly marked in brackets.

Readability, accuracy, and formal equivalence are empirically measured and charted for the 20 English versions and compared to The Comprehensive New Testament. Readability is measured using the Coleman-Liau scoring system in Readability Studio version, Copyright © 2007. Accuracy and formal equivalence are measured by comparing each verse from the different versions to the Nestle-Aland 27th edition Greek New Testament.

Cross references are arranged by topic, passage, and verse. Highly significant parallels are quoted in special highlight boxes throughout the cross reference index. The cross reference index includes over 40,000 references for:

Old and New Testaments
Old Testament Apocrypha
Apostolic and Patristic Writings
Dead Sea Scrolls
Epic of Gilgamesh
Golden Verses of Pythagoras
Greek Literature
Nag Hammadi Library
New Testament Apocrypha
Rabbinic Writings
The Egyptian Book of the Dead
Works of Josephus
Works of Philo
Works of Plato

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768 pages

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