by John F. Rooney

A vicious killer is murdering the key people involved in the making of the movie "Nine Lives, Two Men," the true story of the battle between New York City detective Denny Delaney and the terrorist bomber Felix the Cat. It was Delaney who ushered Felix to his death in a Grand Central tunnel after Felix's terrorist rampage in the prequel to "Clawed" entitled "Nine Lives Too Many." Who is now spooking New York with these grisly homicides? If Denny didn't know better, he'd think it was his old nemesis Felix. The reader is in for some surprises as well as a roller-coaster ride as this thriller careens and caroms on its suspenseful track. The book revisits Denny's Manhattan and reacquaints readers with characters from the earlier book. There are humorous morsels in the story as well as grub for show biz junkies. Rooney has pulled out all the stops in this cliffhanger depicting a relentless murderer who is hell-bent on carrying out his personal vendetta on the cast and crew of a movie about terrorists.

ISBN 9780975275696
248 pages

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