by Lindsey Michael Miller

The wonderment of the circus through a child?s eyes, told in catchy poetic rhyme, reminiscent of Dr. Seuss books, including vibrant full color illustrations throughout.

Jake, Tom, Jen and Jessica are siblings. One afternoon they discover the exciting circus of their memories has once again come back to their very town and they beg their dad to take them. Dad is quite willing, as he and the kids recount all the wonderful things that they hope to see and what they thought was the most stupendous thing about their last circus. All is going well until a brief, heated argument arises among the children about what is the very ?best? thing of all - brief, because Dad lays down the law. Unless they can behave, no one will go. Reason prevails, and the kids and Dad are rewarded by seeing an even better and bigger circus than they remember. ?And it was very, very good.?

This book is intended to be read by children of elementary school age and read to preschoolers by their parents. It truly captures the flavor and excitement of that great American institution, THE CIRCUS.

Ages 2-6

ISBN 9780970910486
32 pages

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