The ABC's at Work

by Bruce Brummond

This activities book is intended to be used after reading Acronyms Building Character by Bruce Brummond. The exercises are crafted for helping adults and young adults individually or in group settings to lead more successful lives. Hundreds of words, indelibly defined by their unique acronyms are strategically listed to further enable the reader to comprehend, retain, and apply the methodology. You might consider acronyms, concepts, or complete chapters for personal exercises, small group sessions, family activities, or for organizational training sessions. Incorporating portions of this material in meetings can certainly enhance the regular agenda. To experience the "Leadership Module," simply complete the "I CARE about Teamwork" chapters. (Integrity, Communication, Attitude, Respect, Empowerment and Teamwork). Then enjoy the remaining chapters in the order that best suits your needs. Success is much more than a place it is a journey.

ISBN 9780978848620
232 pages

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