by Charles Patton

Now you will understand WHY the British attacked us at the Battle of New Orleans. This book shows how the United States nearly lost the Louisiana Territory at the end of the War of 1812. After twenty-one years of tremendous struggle against France, England had finally conquered Napoleon and France in the summer of 1814. England was now a highly efficient war machine, a superpower. They could now turn their full attention on that irritating loose association of states across the Atlantic.

Follow Jackson's militia as they maneuver a far superior British Army into a position where Jackson's men had a better than even chance of winning. They had to subdue the British allies (the Creeks) and they had to stop any Spanish help at Pensacola and Mobile.

It was the bleakest point in United States history. British Canada ruled the north and now the English were going to take New Orleans, control of the Mississippi River and the Louisiana Territory. With the United States almost completely boxed in, see how they pulled off a victory that electrified the United States and stunned Europe.

Complete indexing, bibliography, and pictures make Chalmette valuable for use by schools and historians.

ISBN 9780970910400
141 pages

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