by Terry Stickels

Two friends wish to meet for breakfast twice a month
throughout the year. ln how many ways can they choose
those two days so that they never meet on consecutive days?

You want to measure 30 seconds and you have two pieces
of string, each of which burns for 40 seconds. How can you
accomplish this without bending, folding, or cutting the

A positive whole number is divisible by 3 and also by 5.
When the number is divided by 7, the remainder is 5. What is
the smallest number that could work?

These are but a few of this book's assembly of the most
challenging puzzles imaginable-and they require no
background in higher math, just good thinking skills. Terry
Stickels, a well-known puzzle-maker, has compiled 101 of some
of the best and most entertaining problems ever published.
All of the challenges, which range from probability puzzles to
dice games, have two things in common: each offers the'Aha!"
moment of discovery that puzzle-solvers love, and they're all fun.

Complete solutions for all puzzles explain every detail.

ISBN 9780486795539
104 pages

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