From the Verge of Suicide to a Life of Purpose and Joy

by James Donaldson

James Donaldson, a former NBA All Star, business owner, and community fixture in Seattle, WA for 40 years, tells his story of a harrowing, heart breaking journey of working his way through darkness and depression back to a promising and productive life. He made it through, you can too!

James lost it all, his health, life savings, marriage, business, mother, and home! All within a years’ time or so. It almost became too much to bear. He declared bankruptcy, lost his home to foreclosure, had to close his long running business which forced to live on very limited income and had 4 major surgeries in 5 years. But James never gave up all hope and realizes that God saw him through.

At the end of each chapter, you will find exercises in which the reader can write down their thoughts that will be helpful in assisting them through a difficult time, they or a loved one might be going through.

There is a “Bright Side” somewhere, the key is to keep hanging in there until you find it… and you will.

ISBN 9781636180137
200 pages

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