by Charles Kinder Bradbury and Henry Steuart Fothringham

This beautifully illustrated work explores the rich heritage associated with the surname Carnegie. After briefly visiting the Earls of Southesk, the Dukes of Fife, and other distant relations, the book centries around the extraordinary life and work of the Scottish-American steel magnate and philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919). He became, for a brief time, the richest man in the world. His influence is still vividly with us today in the astonishing array of institutions which he founded and the many praiseworthy and long-lasting endeavours which he set in motion. These include:

• The Carnegie Institution for Science, responsible for a myriad of discoveries and inventions in diverse fields, from astronomy to genetics;
• Over 3500 free Libraries all around the world, and his generous and transformational initiatives in the realm of education;
• The Carnegie Hero Funds, set up in the USA, the UK and on Continental Europe, to honour those who have saved lives, often at the cost of their own, and to support victims of disaster and their families;
• The Palace of Peace at the Hague, which houses the International Court of Justice; and
• The Carnegie Corporation of New York which, in modern times, created the renowned Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy.

There are chapters on Dunfermline (Carnegie’s birthplace) and on Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where the steelman made his fortune. We accompany him on his World Tour and on his Coaching Trip from Brighton to Inverness. We meet American Presidents, British Prime Ministers and numerous literary luminaries from Mark Twain to Rudyard Kipling. We explore The Carnegie Club at Skibo Castle. Finally, we become acquainted with Andrew Carnegie’s family and some of his many descendants, who continue to spread his positive messages of hope and optimism, so much needed in today’s world.

A note to Librarians

In today’s world of information technology, it is easy to overlook the wonderful legacy left by Andrew Carnegie, who wrote: “A library outranks any other one thing a community can do to benefit its people”. His name is perhaps associated more than any other with libraries in modern times. His love affair with books blossomed in Dunfermline, Scotland, and in Pittsburgh, America.

During his lifetime, Carnegie helped to establish more than 2,500 libraries throughout the world. On the lintel above the entrance of almost every such building which he endowed is the motto “Let there be Light”.

Libraries are by no means the only legacy left by The Great Philanthropist: his many initiatives in the fields of education, science, world peace, and the recognition of non-military heroic deeds, are all described in this new illustrated book about Andrew Carnegie; his family ancestry and his extraordinary life, entrepreneurial flair and achievements, all make fascinating reading.

No library should be without at least one copy of Carnegie Heritage, a beautifully illustrated reference book, offered by Braykc Publishing.


At last, a book about Andrew Carnegie, but not another biography: nothing against Carnegie biographies, but we needed a book showcasing Andrew Carnegie the man.
This is a beautifully produced book, which would grace any book shelf or coffee table. One of the best features is the Timeline, each chapter having a heading in its own right: it may not give you all the answers or every fact, but it will whet your appetite to investigate and to read more.
Care has been taken to give the book a full index and credits; the photographs and illustrations are top quality and some have never been seen in print before. The section ‘A Miscellany of Quotations’ is a real joy to read: it left me with a smile on my face!
I feel a lot of thought and care has been taken to produce this book. It covers every aspect of Andrew Carnegie’s ancestry, life, career, retirement and legacies: so much more to the man about which people never knew.
This is certainly a dip-in-and-out sort of reference book: you don’t feel obliged to read the chapters in any particular order. On a personal note, I would have liked to have seen a bigger reference section. Having said that, I struggled to put the book down. Well done to the authors, Charles Kinder Bradbury and Henry Steuart Fothringham.
Sharron McColl, Carnegie enthusiast, Dunfermline, Scotland

I must congratulate the authors on this wonderful new book, beautifully illustrated, covering an amazing history of Andrew's life. I love him dearly for the Scotsman he was and how he lived true to his own standards. Despite every drawback in life, he always saw the bigger picture, not just of his world but the world at large. He had a wonderful gift of giving unto others for the betterment of all.
As far I am concerned this is the ‘Book of the Year’.
Sheila Pitcairn, FSA Scot, LHG

It's a really fantastic book, containing a wealth of information about the Carnegies, especially about the life and work of Andrew. It is beautifully illustrated and methodically researched. Fabulous!
Ian Hammond Brown

I spent time with the book this weekend and was amazed at how much material is in it and how much I learned. It is a treasury of information, good text and good photos.

Arthur Zeigler,
President Emeritus, Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation

ISBN 9780992662448
312 pages

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