by Robert Owings

This story centers on documentary maker Carson Reynolds, who is unwittingly drawn into the frightening but powerful world of shamanic reality when he films a ceremony of Native American tribal elders. His ?call? to the medicine work spirals him into otherworldly realms through the teachings of peyote, ayahuasca, indigenous magicians, priestesses, and disembodied beings.

As a trainee enlisted to combat negative alien spiritual forces threatening humanity, Carson must learn the esoteric secrets behind Tibet?s rise and fall ?- and come to embrace a threatening Tibetan wrathful deity who proves to be his primary ally as he struggles to develop into an initiated medicine worker. Carson?s earthly comrades in the work include the complex figures of Wounded Paw, a Native American shaman from the desert; Blind Mama, an African-American healer in the heart of Mississippi; and Rhiannon, a sophisticated spirit worker in California with whom he develops a deep relationship.

ISBN 9780979394379
364 pages

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