Fun Family Adventures to the Famous Sites and Hidden Gems of the Golden State

by Richard Di Giacomo Editor: Jerry Di Giacomo

This is so much more than just an average travel book that only covers the major tourist attractions. This book is designed to help you slow down and enjoy the rich diversity of California. There are many interesting places to see and things to do in the vast state that are not listed in conventional travel guides. There are many off the beaten path and unconventional places that are still well worth visiting. To make it fun, I have arranged the attractions by themes. I call them travel quests. Think of them as “bucket lists” for travelers. Instead of trying to see all of California in one big gulp, the state’s many fascinating sites have been broken up into a series of travel goals along a similar theme. You may complete these quests on multiple trips at your leisure or combine items from different quests. Each section of the book has a travel quest to complete based upon a particular theme like nature, history, entertainment, or cultural sites. The chapter then has goals for a representative sample of the items contained on that list. Some additional silly activities, such as wearing a costume, getting a goofy souvenir, or singing an appropriate song, have been included to keep it fun for children and others. The author's personal favorites for each category are also highlighted along with many great photos from his travels. The book is a treasure trove of insider travel tips from a long term resident of the state who has traveled the length and breadth of the state many times. It contains many fascinating historical and geographical facts that put the places and activities in context. It is very educational and fun for the whole family. It can also save you a lot of time and money by telling you what is worth seeing and what is not. It tells you how to avoid the crowds and wasting time traveling and waiting in lines. This is the full-color edition. The stunning photographs show what a marvelous place California is to see.

ISBN 9798447851026
234 pages

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