Age-Defying Strategies that Boost Your Vitality

by Lisa Teresi Harris

Are you piling on more pounds with each passing year? Does your dream of a healthy, independent life fade as your muscles grow weaker?
Are you worried about developing the same health problems your parents had?

Life doesn?t have to be that way. Lisa Teresi Harris, Registered Dietitian and personal trainer for Baby Boomers and older adults, knows the key to better health lies in eating right and being physically active. In her wellness book, Building Your Enduring Fitness, she teaches us how to start wherever we are and steadily build more movement into our lives. She?s helped everyone from active seniors to those with heart conditions and walkers to become stronger, reduce their chances of falling, and be able to spend more quality time with their grandchildren.

In these pages, Lisa will share with you the powerful age-defying strategies of centenarians and the proven methods she and her clients use to boost vitality and prevent aging from interfering with the quality of one?s life.
In Building Your Enduring Fitness, you will learnbest practices to:

? Take on the self-leadership role in your wellness
? Discover your big ?why? for being healthy
? Build the groundwork for your success
? Find ways to move every day
? Maximize your diet to boost your energy
? Increase your strength and stamina
? Build up your defenses against chronic diseases
? Avoid temptation while giving yourself permission to be imperfect

Lisa Teresi Harris is an author, professional keynote speaker, health and wellness coach, and an award-winning entrepreneur. A Registered Dietitian since 1978, she started her second career as a fitness professional at age fifty-nine. She?s the owner of Enduring Fitness 4U, which provides senior exercise classes, in-home fitness training, and nutrition coaching. Lisa empowers folks to live out their lives with as much strength and independence as possible. Through her coaching and speaking, she?s inspired hundreds to get stronger and live longer. Lisa lives in Temecula, California with her husband and cat, close to her children and grandchildren.

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