& Other Letters from a Darkened Room

by Richard Roper

'The slow-boiling social and intellectual revolution of the last six decades is coming to a head. The nations of Europe and North America need to decide if they will throw off their spiritual, moral and intellectual inheritance from Christianity, to embrace radical new interpretations of the world, or return to the tried and tested foundations on which their societies have been built. The paths are diverging, it is no longer possible to pretend that both lead to the same end In short, clear chapters this book lays out the options before us as individuals and as a society.'

Contents: Dover Beach * Blasphemy! * Critical Theory, Culture Wars and the Christian * On Liberty and Equality * The Fountain of Life * Tainted Love * The Matriarchy? * Building Jerusalem


‘If you are looking for a short and digestible Christian perspective on what is happening in our culture, this book is worth reading. We need more Christians to understand these topics.’ Tim Dieppe, Christian Concern. For the full review:

ISBN 9781838309411
72 pages

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