by Clive Sankardayal

In this his debut novel, Sankardayal has succeeded in crafting a work of genius. His portrayal of the racial disharmony that has characterized his homeland, Guyana, is mirrored glaringly in the daring of a young Indo-Guyanese emigrant to a neighboring Caribbean island as he breaks with tradition by taking a Black (African) bride. It is a little story of a huge problem told by someone who has encountered a new reality of social integration that calls into question the sanity of old customs?"You fossilized piece of shit" as Raj refers to a fellow emigrant in a fit of rage. Indeed, Sankardayal has produced an insightful, persuasive and entertaining work of art. His narrative skills, characterization and purposefulness combine to make this book a must-read for all racial strands, especially the people of Indian and African culture who inhabit these islands of the archipelago (or elsewhere in the diaspora). The Brown Curtains is a powerful, scholarly and critical commentary on race, culture and religion and the uncompromising influence of love.

Modeste Downes
Author of PHASES

ISBN 9780970443250
249 pages

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